Oh heeeey ! (:
The names Kathrina DeLa Rosa.
Was brought into this world on August 9th.
Im 19 years old, Single.
Vancouver is where the parties at, Grad of 2012.
Singer, Soccer, Boys, Hockey.
I blog to express not impress.
Like what you see? Follow!!, Hate my blog? GTFO.
Im the nicest bitch you'll ever meet..
But once you talk shit about my family and friends..I will FUCK YOU UP,
Talk shit get hit broo!,
Any questions? feel free to hit up my ask box..don't worry i won't bite(: ,
Wanna See Me Strut My Stuff? Pictchaaaas.
Wanna Get Up Close And Personal? Add It Up!.
Wanna Here Me Siing? DoReMi.
Wanna Know More? Just Ask!! (: k byee!!
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IaMmE Crew - The Brain Bang.

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